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Letter from Denise Myers about the Plight of Raccoon Dogs and Having One as a Companion - 24 Feb 2007

Hi Mary,

Thank you, and I wish I had the power to do a lot more. My 16 year old son (raised to be a major animal lover) wants to have a raccoon dog as a pet so that we can show the world what an incredible animal they are. He wishes we could somehow bring one in. If you know of any way to do this, please let me know. I have raised all sorts of animals, from domestic to wild, adopted more than I can count saving them from pounds, and would also love to have one.

I think I even have more compassion for animals than people, animals depend on us much more and seem to be more brutalized. I raised a calf when I was a teen, the most incredible thing to have a calf love you and depend on you like you were his mother, to see you and cry because he is so happy so see you in the morning, to crawl into your lap and rub you with his head. Baby birds, the two hour feedings till their feathers come in, and the same thing, when they see you they flutter in joy. Not afraid to show their excitement and love. It is so painful to see innocent critters tortured, I have no tolerance for it, yet we are pretty helpless in fighting them. Compassion is one thing so hard to instill in heartless people. The Paris Hilton's and other wealthy people who love to flaunt their furs, disgust me.

I do believe the fight to save all animals from greed is slowly making headway, I see the traffic come to my site to that page grow and grow, people more and more are interested in companies that do not test products on animals, using only those products not tested, and boycotting companies that still do test on them. It's a slow process, just sad how many more animals will suffer till major headway is reached.

Thanks again, and if I can help in any other ways let me know. I will add it also to my other sites.


Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Denise:

Thank you for writing back, and telling us about your experiences with animals, and for your offer of help. We will definitely let you know.

Since raccoon dogs are natives of northern Asia, they would be considered to be an exotic animal, since they come from other parts of the world, and therefore should not be considered as a home companion.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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