LettersLetter from Phil Lewer: An 'Ethical Hunter' of God's Creation - 12 Mar 2007
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Letter from Phil Lewer: An 'Ethical Hunter' of God's Creation - 12 Mar 2007

I have overlooked your website and am amused at your efforts at the condemnation on hunting. You condemn many farming practices that cause pain to animals and grossly exaggerate their practices and you condemn hunting as well. I must say that God has designed man to hunt and had him rule over the creatures of the earth as well as ensure their liveliness. When I hunt, I thank God for giving me a fruitful harvest and I am assured that my game is pure.

I am not what you call a 'sport hunter'. I enjoy my days in God's Creation hunting, scouting, photographing and much more. I am passionate about pursuing waterfowl during and after the hunting season using legal methods.

I am an ethical hunter and all of the birds I take have a fast, painless death. I believe that hunting brings me closer to God and makes me realize that in order to eat, I must take something God has provided. While it may not be meat one is eating, you are still taking something from God's creation. I do not simply kill to see birds fall out of the air. If I wanted to do that I could buy some domestic ducks and just shoot them.

In the last hunting season, I spent over $1,000 on hunting equipment such as shells (the least expensive), decoys, bags, new gloves, food, and other tools directly related to hunting ducks. These expenses do not include gas or anything vehicle related.

One may wonder why I do this, I just tell them that they can come along all expenses paid.

I would be more than happy to show you some footage of a wonderful hunt if you would like.

Under God,

Phil Lewer  

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Phil:

To spend this much money on hunting, you really donít need to kill to eat. You also donít need to eat flesh to live a very healthy life. We also do just about everything you do in the outdoors, except kill another living being. So, why do you kill? If you donít need to, then isnít it for pleasure? Weíd really like to know.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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