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Letter from Arthur Poletti to Pope Benedict XVI - 17 Apr 2007

"His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI"

Please watch the entire film that is posted on the web site address below and then ask yourself if God would approve of you or anyone else wearing a fur hat?

Imagine that you and God are watching this following film together. 

"Your Holiness," you have a golden opportunity and a responsibility to God to use your respected position as one of the most powerful religious figures in the world to promote kindness and life for all of Gods precious creatures.

Please help to rescue animals from the jaws of unnecessary hideous cruelty and death.

Thank you "Most Holy Father," for caring and doing the right thing.

A kindness done in the hour of need may itself seem small, but in worth it exceeds the whole world.

For the sake of all of Gods precious creatures.

Arthur Poletti
Western Springs, Illinois

Those without wealth may one day prosper, but those without kindness are utterly and incurably poor.

Arthur Poletti is the arthur of God Does Not Eat Meat

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