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Letter from Jenny Moxham about Meat and the Environment - 1 May 2007

As published in the Geelong Advertiser, May 1st 2007

It's not green to buy meat.

If our water situation is so dire it's hardly sensible to give drought assistance to livestock farmers to prevent their farms from going under when we know that it requires 50,000-100,000 litres to produce a mere kilogram of beef. As well, livestock farming causes a massive amount of pollution and environmental damage to our planet.

Surely it's time the government put these things ahead of their taste buds and assisted farmers to move into other areas of farming.

Currently, half the worlds harvest of corn, wheat and soya is being grown to feed farmed animals and, since it takes 10 kilograms of feed to produce one kilo of beef, this is obviously a massive waste of both water and food.

There is a wealth of tasty and nutritious non-animal foods available so it makes no sense to squander our precious resources and pollute the earth for nothing more than taste bud sensation. Instead of the public being told, It's not 'green' to use plastic bags, they should be told, It's not 'green' to buy meat!



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