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Letter from Arthur Polleti about Making People Aware of the Horrors of the Animal Agriculture Industries - 21 May 2007

Dear Frank & Mary:

Thank you for the note. Your support and inspiration is the main reason I have continued this battle.

The professional way you present my articles on the all creatures web site could not be more impressive.

We are beginning to float like butterflies and sting like bees.

I mailed a thank you to you today and will continue to do this on a regular basis.

There is an unusual amount of bad news about the contamination of food linked to cow manure being reported across the country, and I think the news is only going to get worse.

The real truth regarding the health hazards of meat consumption is much worse then any news organization has the guts to report. (So far)

A few days ago I received a hand written and signed card from Elizabeth and "vegan" Congressman Dennis Kucinich.
This is what is written on the card.

Dearest Arthur (and Heidi) --------my dog.

Thank you so very much for your dedication to animal welfare. We shall enjoy reading your book and value your work, which complements our work and life style.

Many good wishes to you.
Elizabeth and Dennis
Harry, George, and Lucie (our dogs)

I sent 6 copies of God Does Not Eat Meat to Dennis Kucinich. It would be great if Dennis decides to recommend that other members of Congress read the book.

Frank and Mary, we just need a few big breaks now and who knows what might happen!

For the sake of all animals.

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Arthur:

Really, we're helping each other to make this a more gentle and cruelty free world.

The media is very reluctant to report the whole truth when is comes to possibly losing some of their advertising money from the animal agricultural and big pharma industries. But as you say, God does not eat meat, and as a result, He seems to be allowing human gluttony to be their own downfall. And as these situations get more and more numerous and the scale of problems increase, the media will have to start telling the whole truth.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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