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Letter from Jenny Moxham to the Mudgee News about Droughts and Animal Farming - 23 May 2007

Mudgee News, 23 May 2007

Lifesaving rain

A week of rain and farmers are talking about stocking up again! (LIFESAVING RAIN, 21 May 2007)The drought conditions we have been experiencing should be a 'wake up call' to all farmers.

This drought prone country never was ...and never will be ....suitable for raising livestock. Drought conditions will return again ...and the animals will suffer again. As well, meat production guzzles too much precious water ...50,000 -100,000 litres to produce one kilogram of steak. By now, farmers should be recognizing that animal farming is simply not a sustainable industry in a country where water use is already being limited.

Farmers with low stocks should take the opportunity to move away from animal farming and move into other areas.

Jenny Moxham

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