LettersLetter from Arthur Poletti to Slovenian President's Office about Eating Animals and the Environment - 30 May 2007
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Letter from Arthur Poletti to Slovenian President's Office about Eating Animals and the Environment - 30 May 2007

Valentina Flander
Head of the President's Office

Dear Valentina:

This message from Daniela Dragomir in Romania
is the best possible news for animals and I hope
it is communicated throughout the world.

I got goose bumps reading this news release.

Imagine the day when this is the kind of news
we will read in the United States, and
when factory farms and slaughterhouses
begin to close!

I am sure Slovenia President Drnovsek enjoys
this news and is all the more reason to promote
his new book which I am certain will be a big

"Vegan" President Drnovsek has already made
a big impact and now has a special opportunity to
make a major difference in improving the lives of
animals everywhere.

President Drnovsek could be the quarterback who
throws touchdown passes around the world in an
effort to defeat unnecessary cruelty and death to all
animals while promoting the major benefits of kindness
and life in the biggest ongoing Super Bowl ever seen.

God will be calling the plays!

The timing could not be better.
Let the game begin.

"Man's fate is like that of the beast. The same fate
awaits them both. As one dies, so dies the other.
All have the same soul." Ecclesiates 3:19

For the sake of all animals.
Arthur Poletti

In Anglia: alternativa alimentatiei vegetariene in combaterea incalzirii globale se pare ca ii preocupa pe guvernanti.

Daily Mail - comments at "full story" URL

Secret plans to encourage the nation to give up eating meat are being
examined by the Government.

A leaked e-mail expresses sympathy for the environmental benefits of a
mass switch to a vegan diet - a strict form of vegetarianism which
bans milk, dairy products and fish.

The change would need to be done "gently" because of a "risk of
alienating the public", according to the document.

The extreme policy is being examined on the basis it could make a
major contribution to slowing climate change.

Farm animals are blamed for producing huge amounts of the greenhouse
gases methane and carbon dioxide.

However, the National Farmers' Union has ridiculed the idea as "simplistic".

The e-mail, sent to a vegetarian campaign group, comes from an
official at the Environment Agency, a Government advisory body.

It states: "The potential benefit of a vegan diet in terms of climate
impact could be very significant."

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