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Letter from Arthur Poletti to Chicago Alderman Joe Moore about the Ban on Foie Gras - 31 May 2007

Dear Chicago Alderman Joe Moore:

I thought you and the other Chicago
Aldermen would be interested in this
recent news release regarding foie gras
posted below.

This is just another indication that the
subject of a ban on foie gras will not go
away and why the world is watching what
Chicago does to enforce the foie gras ban.

Arthur Poletti
Western Springs, Illinois
Cook County


Goose fattening outlawed - but foreign pate
exempted from duty 30.5.07 | 09:15
By Amiram Cohen

The cabinet yesterday outlawed raising geese to
make foie gras pate, after the High Court of Justice
ruled that force-feeding the birds to fatten their
livers caused them hideous suffering.

However, the cabinet also recently decided to
remove customs duties on goose liver imports,
opening the import market to free competition
since there is no longer any homegrown industry
to protect.

The removal of duties extends for a year and a
half trial period, during which the Agriculture
Ministry will examine whether the imports affects
or harms other Israeli agricultural producers, in
particular other poultry growers such as turkey

The 50% customs duty on goose meat had in
effect prevented any such imports.

Imported goose liver, from birds killed according
to rabbinically supervised kosher slaughtering,
comes from Europe, in particular from Hungary.

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