LettersLetter from Arthur Poletti to Slovenian President's Office about Britain Going Vegetarian - 1 Jun 2007
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Letter from Arthur Poletti to Slovenian President's Office about Britain Going Vegetarian - 1 Jun 2007

Dear Valentina:

Great news:

I know you may already be aware that there is a
major change in Britain shifting away from eating
meat to vegetarian choices.

These are the fantastic kinds of headlines we need to
see more of.

Each person living in Britain can indicate the age
they were when they became a vegetarian or if they
are just now becoming a vegetarian to see how many
animals lives they have already saved or will save
by not eating meat explained on this web site.

Great time for President Drnovsek to launch a
worldwide campaign at the same time he is
promoting his new book.

There is no question that President Drnovsek has
set an example that many world leaders will need
to seriously consider and appreciate.

Now is the time for President Drnovsek to strike.
To "ride the current wave" he has helped to cause.
To "turn the tide of battle" from hideous cruelty and
death throughout the world into a "title wave" in favor
of kindness and life for all animals.

Kindness and life versus cruelty and death.

Now is the time in history for a great vegan leader
and diplomat to go against the status quo, and
against all odds "to seize this moment in history"
and to lead the way.

Valentina, yesterday I mailed three copies of
my book God Does Not Eat Meat to you.
The books should arrive within 5 - 7 days.
A picture of me and my dog Heidi is on the
book marks.

My book is a short story that I hope you will
have time to read and maybe recommend
to President Drnovsek.You and the President,
and Daniela Dragomir are helping to make
the story come true.

Thank you.

For the sake of all animals.
Arthur Poletti

Everybody exists. It is only the few who live.
To live, you should have an IDEAL.
Life is short. The path is long. The pinnacle
is very high. The time is very little.

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