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Letter from Arthur Poletti to the President of Slovenia about Our Ministry - 5 Jun 2007

What is virtuous conduct? It is never destroying life, for killing leads to every other sin.

Valentina Flander
Head of the President's Office
Erjavceva 17

Dear Valentina:

Please consider my following opinions about Frank & Mary Hoffman who, as you know, manage the highly regarded  web site which has many members and followers.

A no obligation alliance with Frank and Mary might be surprisingly useful with no hidden agenda or strings attached and could possibly assist the "vegan" President prior to and during his effort to promote his vegan philosophy and his new book in the United States.

The best way to illustrate and explain my opinion about Frank & Mary Hoffman is to create the following hypothetical example that will give you a clearer understanding and vision about these exceptional people.

If I was the newly elected President of the United States the very first thing I would do would be to appoint Frank & Mary Hoffman to be my "most trusted" special advisors. They would sit beside me at every cabinet meeting.

Because of their wisdom about life and people and their compassion I would want Frank and Mary near me especially during a serious crisis when wise decisions would need to be made.

Frank and Mary would be included in meetings with foreign ambassadors and dignitaries to provide their own thoughts, suggestions and recommendations.

Frank and Mary have the unique talent of being able to wade through all the rhetoric and baloney and with insightfulness get to the real truth and the real solutions in life while they inspire and empower people like President Drnovsek to be the best they can be.

To be more specific about the unique and rare qualities that Frank and Mary possess and to be able to pay tribute to them, in the best way I know of, I have selected the following words from different publications that I personally think are appropriate.

(1) Asserting Virtue's Power

Be unremitting in the doing of good deeds; do them with all your might and by every possible means.

Keep the mind free of impurity. That alone is the practice of virtue. All else is nothing but empty display.

Don't tell yourself you'll be wise enough to practice virtue tomorrow. Do it know, for it will be your deathless companion when you die.

Only "'virtuous deeds" abound in true joy. All other deeds are empty and devoid of distinction.

Virtue is merely that which should be done in life, and vice is merely that which should be avoided.

(2) Possessing Love

Can any lock keep love confined within, when the loving heart's tiny tears escape and confess it.

Life without love in the heart is like a sapless tree in a barren desert.

With love enshrined in the heart, one truly lives. Without it, the body is but bones encased in skin.

(3) Speaking Pleasant Words

Pleasant words, full of tenderness and "devoid of deceit" fall from the lips of virtuous men and woman.

Humility and pleasant words are the jewels that adorn a man or a woman, there are none other.

Why would anyone speak cruel words, having observed the happiness that kind words confer?

(4) Gratitude

When help is given by weighing the recipient's need and not the donor's reward, "its goodness is greater than the sea."

Never forget fellowship with "pure souls" nor forsake friendship with those who aided you in adversity.

The bounty of Heaven and Earth are scant repayment for help rendered though no help was received.

(5) Possession of Compassion

Find and follow the good path, ruled by compassion. Of the many ways, that one leads to liberation.

Those whose hearts are "drawn toward mercy" will never be drawn into the dark and woeful world.

Kindly ones "who lovingly protect all life" need never dread hurt from the actions of their own life.

Those without wealth may one day prosper, but those without kindness are utterly and incurably poor.

Valentina, there is nothing to lose and many things to be gained for President Drnovsek if he aligns himself with Frank and Mary Hoffman, and the vast web site they manage, which could be far more beneficial then the "vegan" President may realize.

Frank and Mary are selfless and not concerned about fame or fortune, only the peace of mind that comes with doing Gods work, "even against all odds and all adversaries."

I would want Frank & Mary in my fox hole to fight any battle. Especially to help promote kindness and life to all of Gods creatures that will be needed to defeat cruelty and death in animal factory farms and slaughterhouses.

Thank you Valentina.

For the sake of all animals.
Arthur Poletti
Author of the book:
God Does Not Eat Meat
Read for free online at: 

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