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Letter to the Editor by Linda Steffey about Dog Fighting - 14 Jun 2007

Dear Editor, The Smithfield Times, Inc.;

I have just written a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell taking immediate action for a zero-tolerance policy on dogfighting in the NFL . I proudly belong to the Humane Society of the United States which takes a strong stand against the abuse of animals for any reason.

The comments made by Redskins running back, Clinton Portis, supporting Michael Vick's alleged involvement in dogfighting, is a troubling sign that the dogfighting subculture has taken root in the NFL. I do not like the name "Redskins" anyway which I find offensive to our Native Americans and as far as I am concerned, this is just another off-shoot of their mind-set which tells me they are not spiritually based in anything good! I hate sports period. These so-called "sports heroes" are not mine with their huge salaries for throwing balls, beating up their women, and into drugs while millions sit on their fannies screaming and boozing and our people down the street from the stadiums are poor and hungry living in pitiful housing! Wake up, America! It is time to have better role models to look up to in our country!!

People have come to me recently with reports of dog bodies in the woods behind Carrollton Elementary indicating dog-fighting is taken place within our county! People of good standing in our community have told me that they complain to our animal control about abuses of animals and nothing is being done about it!

Dog-fights harbor all kinds of society ills and not just dog fights; drug dealing goes on, sex, and the sale of illegal weapons and children attend this filth as well. They are brought by their own parents who frequent these sick and cruel events!

Let's stop animals from being used to make money for the sick entertainment of people! It is high time for a new mind-set of spiritually-based, clean, respectful entertainment in America, not only for human beings, but for all living beings who have a right to be treated well.

Linda Gould Steffey

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