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Letter from Helen about Cruelty to Rabbits - 20 Jun 2007

Hey Frank and Mary

I often check out rabbit videos- when I have some free time- and I enjoy so much seeing the other rabbits-- I also can see how other owners set up living and playing areas. I found my lop in the woods 2003- she was starving and sick- but I brought her home and learned how wonderful it is to live with a floppy doodle! she is best wonderful buddy!

So- when I accidentally found the live-feeding video- I forced myself to watch- and now I am going all the way to put a stop to this. If judge ordered jail time and psychological testing for man who fed 3wk puppy to snake- and considered that to be animal cruelty- then we rabbit lovers need to do whatever is necessary to add rabbits to the banned list of animals to feed live to snakes. Even seeing the little baby chicks swallowed while still alive- haunts me. If pet snake won't eat pre-killed, maybe having such a wild pet should also be restricted by law. Anyway- I am hoping to reach out to animal and rabbit lovers- to reach the largest network of people possible! I receive many replies from people telling me- "oh- we can't do anything about it". All the best changes in our society resulted from people fighting to make it happen. Anyway- below I will paste my reply to one of those replies- some of it is redundant- so I apologize- please try to contact as many people as you can- to protest and spread the message!

I haven't had much time to research this. I looked up animal cruelty and in the state of Maine- where one of these guys lives- it's posted that cruelty to any animal is class D felony. (posted on Humane society website)- and a man who fed 3 week old puppy to snake in Arizona got jail time and was forced to undergo psychiatric evaluation. So- why is it not ok to feed kittens and puppies- but its ok to feed rabbits-? And- its evident that the animal in the video is experiencing cruelty. No?

I am trying to reach out to other rabbit lovers to address this. maybe we need to add rabbits to the list of animals that should not be fed live. Maybe snakes that won't eat pre-killed should not be allowed as pets. If we as a world community are in an ongoing process of becoming more humane, etc- we need to continue to make good changes happen. I don't think we need to sadly accept this. I am hoping people who have enjoyed having a rabbit as a pet will get involved with this. If you have network of animal lovers to reach out to, please do so. thanks!

Thanks again ! Peace be with you!


Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Helen:

Thank you very much for telling us about your rabbit and all you are doing to help stop cruelty to other rabbits.  You are definitely on the right track.

Please send us anything that you believe we should have on our web site, and let us know if there is anything that we can so to help.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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