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Letter from Lauren E. McMullen about Captive Orcas - 21 Jun 2007

Do you even comprehend how happy those whales are? They are treated so well it's not even funny. Sure all the rest are horrible and I do not support it. But you're not taking in how the whales feel. For all you know they enjoy the life they have now. Instead of being susceptible to hunters they are now in a place where they can show off their talents, get free food without having to actually catch it AND above all! Get excellent medical care. They live longer in Sea World then they would in the wild. Sure, it's horrible when they catch them; But when they are actually there - They have it good.

-Truly yours

Lauren E. McMullen
The New Marine Biologist

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Lauren:

As a scientist, we find it hard to understand how you can believe what your wrote. These animals are stolen away from their families, and they are placed in a relatively small tank, much like a human being placed in an efficiency apartment under house arrest for the rest of their natural life. This is far from being happy.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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