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Letter from Tami Jayne Jackson about an Alternative to NOT Eating Eggs - 21 Jun 2007

If people stopped eating eggs altogether -- there's a very strong possibility that the more cruel aspects of our society would begin to ban chickens altogether. {Regarding them as a useless pooping nuisance.}

I just finished fighting a year-long-battle with my local municipality -- argued for them to allow chickens in back yards smaller than 2 acres (so young families could raise hens in a humane manner, as pets for their children to enroll in 4-H/show at fairs, etc. I explained how they could use the manure to fertilize their gardens and enjoy the ZEN of watching hens cluck and coo about their yards -- not to mention use the birds for pesky bug and weed control; if they do NOT use poisonous chemicals on their lawns).

Happily -- on June 19, 2007 -- the City of Kent, WA, adopted into law the RIGHT of residents to raise back yard birds (a family with 5,000 square feet of property may keep up to three birds, while for each additional 1,000 square feet of property they may add an extra chicken!)

Roosters are not outlawed but will be handled according to noise ordinances (so they are discouraged from being kept on small lots).

You may read more about the events behind this reality at

The Seattle Times also published an event BEFORE the reality of backyard fowl became legal. See: 

Many blessings for the work you do.

~ Tami Jayne Jackson
Kent, Washington (USA)

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Tami:

We like what you did!

As far as stopping all commercial farming of chickens is concerned, all they would have to do is stop breeding them and their population would plummet to near zero within a year or two, but the breeds would not die out since they would be protected on sanctuaries and as companions.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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