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Letter From Arthur Poletti to Al Gore about the Environmental Damage Caused by Animal Agriculture - 3 Jul 2007

Dear Vice President Al Gore:

Congratulations for your planned participation in the exclusive online webcast moderated by Simran Sethi, environmental journalist from Sundance Channel's "The Green" on July 5th at 1:30 p.m. Eastern. 

Here are some of my humble opinions, suggestions, and questions that I hope you be willing to answer on July 5th.

Mr. Vice President, I am sure you will agree that one of the greatest qualities a person or a government can possess is the ability to admit when they were or are wrong because they were or are unaware, and than were or are willing to change their beliefs, their habits, and or their policies.

As a society, not admitting when we were or are wrong has continuously caused great pain, suffering and death which could have been, and still could be, completely avoided for everyone's benefit.

Fortunately, we can still make enormous strides in the direction of kindness and life for all animals and realize the countless incredible benefits for humans, animals, our society, and the earth.

For this reason Mr. Vice President, you and prominent people like you are making one of the biggest mistakes of your lives by eating meat and than talking about the best ways to stop global warming.

It is hard to believe that with all the proof about the catastrophic disasters that have been caused by or contributed to by the meat industry "that prominent and educated leaders like you are still eating meat."

Because you must be aware of the countless hazards of meat eating and how profoundly it affects global warming I would expect that you and your family would have stopped eating meat years ago.

Because you and your family eat meat you support the unnecessary cruelty and death of billions of animals to satisfy the insatiable caveman like desire to eat dead animal flesh.

Mr. Vice President, I know because you are a meat eater it would be hypocritical and you would lose all credibility if you revealed why extremely knowledgeable and highly respected experts think the number one cause of global warming is caused by the livestock industry.

Mr. Vice President, if you truly care about the health and welfare of your family, and millions of people throughout the world than you would stop eating meat immediately.

There should be no other conclusion to make by an aware rational educated person like yourself.

On Saturday, July 5th you have an opportunity to make a major contribution that goes way beyond "An Inconvenient Truth" and will have a much larger worldwide positive impact.

For these reasons, if you are truly sincere about making a major contribution to society then use your current position and popularity to advise the world on July 5th the many reasons why "you have decided to stop eating meat."

Yes, this will shock the world. Yes, there will be many people that will not like to hear this. Yes, you will initially lose supporters that are meat eaters.

But most of all you will be doing the right thing and in time you and millions of your supporters will agree this was one of your great achievements, maybe the greatest.

In order to persuade you to immediately change your eating habits I would like you to read several published articles about a brave and bold world leader that stopped eating meat and is proud to talk about the reasons why.

"Vegan" Slovenian President Dr. Janez Drnovsek is the only vegan President of a country in the world. His story could make a wonderful movie and still may.

After you read the following publications about this incredible President that all Presidents should emulate please imagine what he would say to the world "if he took your place on July 5th."

Mr. Vice President, imagine the impact you could have by following in President Drnovsek's footsteps for the benefit of your family, the benefit of billions of people, and animals throughout the world, and of course the benefits to the earth and the earths atmosphere.

Enter -- President of Slovenia Dr. Janez Drnovsek: 

Vice President Gore:

Here are a few quotations that I hope you will seriously consider and understand the significance of.

"Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty. Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances of survival for life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet" Albert Einstein, physicist, Nobel Prize Winner 1921

"But for the sake of some little mouthful of meat, we deprive a soul of the sun and light, and of that proportion of life and time it had been born into the world to enjoy." Plutarch, Greek Writer

Those without wealth may one day prosper, but those without kindness are utterly and incurably poor.

Thank you Vice President Gore.

For the sake of all animals.

Arthur Poletti Western Springs, Illinois

Author of the back to the future religious fantasy: God Does Not Eat Meat Read for free online at:

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