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Letter from Arthur Poletti about Al Gore's Live Earth Program Never Got To The "Meat Of The Subject" - 8 Jul 2007

Dear Daniela Dragomir:

Well, I watched the greatest show on earth and it confirmed my suspicions that Al Gore does not have the guts to tell the truth about the relationship between eating meat and global warming.

He is blowing a golden opportunity to prove how really sincere he is about reducing global warming.

This cover-up will back fire on him and he will probably make a complete fool out of himself now.

Now do you see why I appreciate Slovenian "vegan" President Dr. Janez Drnovsek so much?

Please watch this video of the Glen Beck show in the United States. He really puts the issue about the number one cause of global warming right in Al Gore's face and his show is watched by millions of Americans.

You may want to forward this video to others you know. 

Thank you.

For the sake of all animals.

Arthur Poletti USA

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