LettersLetter from Orlando Michaud about Animals and the Bible - 8 Jul 2007
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Letter from Orlando Michaud about Animals and the Bible - 8 Jul 2007

I am Catholic, and, I agree to look to the Creation itself like a prophetic road to God . So, I think the animals, and all other live creatures(trees for example) are really prophets of the love and tenderness of God toward us.

Animals are absolutely innocents and participate in a way too much deeply to understand than in human beings, of the mystery of pain, an suffering of Christ in spite His innocence, and came to us like an expression of the love of God. They accepts all which God have placed on their lives, their limits of behavior and liberty. In the Gospels, Christ mention them many times.

I have found in my little animals at home, looking at the silent message in their eyes, at time of happiness or solitude or pain, this simple and deep message of God tenderness. I believe and hope, they, one day, when our time here is over, will participate like us, and forever with us , the happiness to be joined to God, ("the lion wil be with the lamb") of the original and pure life of Paradise. Why not? God did not done anything for nothing...

Congratulations for the theology for animals...

Orlando Michaud Ch Santiago Chile.

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Orlando:

Thank you very much for writing and for your spiritual insight. We wish everyone had your kind of sensitivity and was willing to open their eyes and see the things you see. It's just as God tells us in Romans 1:20.

We look forward to hearing from you again.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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