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Letter from Lolita Delarosa about our Web Site Ministry and Her Witness - 20 Jul 2007

Hi Mary and Frank,

Thank you for posting my letter to you in October 2005 on the internet. It is my pleasure to let the people in the whole world know about the changes in my life.

It's really indeed, if we follow God's way, we will live in paradise the land he had promised where there is no more pain, no more sickness and no more sufferings.

When I changed into vegetarian diet, my life became better, but since I turned into vegan diet. I felt my life is almost perfect the way I wanted to be. I started to explore the blessing that God has given me. Music is one of the blessings I received from God. Below is my website. 

May God abundant blessings be with both of you and your family and to all the things you do always and forever.

With all my heart,

Lolita Delarosa

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Lolita:

You're welcome, and thank you for your compassionate witness.

We'll take a look at your web site.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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