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Letter from Carly Provan-Politi about Cruelty to Dogs and Cats in Greece - 7 Aug 2007

My name is Carly and I am a British lady that came to live in Greece over 4 years ago now. No one could have prepared me for the shock I had at witnessing daylight animal abuse and murder. Authorities here in Chios, Greece ignore it and accept it.

Daily dogs and cats are run over and left to die a slow death whilst no one ever stops to try to help.

Daily dogs and cats are poisoned by the locals that see them as a pest.

I decided to dedicate my life to helping these poor innocent animals. I work for free and have now 16 dogs that I care for, 2 were hit by cars and have broken legs that the local vet here can't fix as he's inexperienced. I have many cats I've rescued from the garbage bins and I must receive 2 calls a day regarding unwanted dogs and cats, and I just canít save them allÖ

Many dogs are shot after the local hunters realize that they don't hunt so well, or that the season is over. There are no fast roads here on the island of Chios, yet everyday a dog or cat is ran over. Even Monday morning I got a call regarding a young man who deliberately ran over puppy's head whilst the dog slept on the side of road. I have been to the police, but even then they donít want to help punish him. So many things are wrong and evil here.

I have even came across an illegal slaughterhouse here in Chios, and I have video evidence that animals have their throats slit without stunning and are beaten to death.

I have no love for my fellow man anymore; my faith is no longer strong whilst I witness these daily acts of animal abuse and murder. Why does nobody want to help me? I'm all alone. I do send many dogs to Denmark that I have made contact with a charity there in Copenhagen, but itís illegal to do that, which is crazyÖ.

Always I'm feeding starving animals. I'm at the vet's a lot sterilizing, vaccinating and helping sick animals but itís not enough, like a teaspoon empting the great ocean.

Why do people do this, why and how can anyone hurt an innocent animal so much...

Carly Provan-Politi

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Carly:

Thank you for bring this horrible situation to our attention, and for telling us all that you are doing to help save the animals.

People do these horrible things to animals because they are sadistic and believe that they can get away with it.

The only way to get the government to react is to publicize these atrocities, which we'd be happy to do on our web site, it you'll send some short articles and photos. We would also like to publicize some of the success stories.

We also don't understand why a vet can not set a broken leg.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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