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Letter to the Editor by Jenny Moxham: Ditch Dairy - 7 Aug 2007

Surf Coast Times 8/7/07

Ditch Dairy

As a child, do you remember being told that the farmer was 'doing cows a favor by milking them'? That's what I was told anyway. Now I know that the dairy industry is nothing but a ruthless, profit motivated, dishonest industry that, far from 'doing cows a favor', heartlessly subjects them to a lifetime of suffering.

All of us who are mothers know the agony of childbirth, so how would we feel if, after enduring all that pain, our precious babies were stolen from us within days of birth. And what if, on top of that, we were forced to endure this agony every year henceforth, with the same tragic outcome.

This is the suffering all dairy cows endure. Because of the industry's clever and false advertising, the majority of the public are duped into believing that it is necessary to consume the mammary secretions of a bovine in order to meet their body's calcium requirements; Truly a weird idea when you consider that cows themselves obtain their calcium from plants!

The real truth is that the countries with the highest intake of dairy products have the highest rate of osteoporosis. Dairy products are also high in artery clogging saturated fat and a recent cancer study shows that consuming cows milk makes men more prone to prostate cancer.

By 'ditching dairy' you'll not only be alleviating animal suffering, you'll be improving your own health.



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