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Letter to the Editor from Jenny Moxham: Time to think of the suffering animals - 1 Oct 2007

Geelong Advertiser
Oct. 1 2007

Time to think of the suffering animals.

World Animal Day - October 4th - is surely a fitting time for consumers of animal products to reflect on the enormous suffering that they unthinkingly inflict on countless numbers of innocent creatures. How many would be willing to visit a slaughterhouse and carry out -or even witness - the bloody murder that the 'production' of their food choices entails. Not many, I suspect, but closing our eyes to the suffering doesn't make our complicity any less. Each time we buy animal products we are, in effect, asking someone else to perform this brutal act on our behalf. Consumers are also responsible for the suffering inflicted on animals throughout their lifetime which, in the case of factory farmed animals, is enormous.

Worldwide, 58 billion innocent animals are butchered annually to satisfy human taste buds. The combined suffering entailed is incomprehensible, and tragically, so unnecessary. No human needs to eat flesh, birds eggs or calf milk.

World Animal Day is the perfect time to make the switch to a humane, healthy vegan diet. The animals will love you for it-and so will your body.


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