LettersLetter from Arthur Poletti to Al Gore about Saving the Earth and the Animals - 9 Nov 2007
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Letter from Arthur Poletti to Al Gore about Saving the Earth and the Animals - 9 Nov 2007

Vice President Al Gore 
2100 West End Avenue
Suite 620
Nashville, Tennessee 37203

Dear Vice President Al Gore:

On Saturday, November 3rd I attended the EarthSave Conference for Conscious Living held at the University of Chicago that was highlighted by presentations made by six outstanding and compassionate speakers. What an amazing and pleasantly shocking meeting this was!!

Highly regarded EarthSave Chicago hosted the event, and Ethical Planet and VegNews sponsored and helped to stage this most significant and successful conference on animal compassion and vegan living that has happened in Chicago in the last several years.

Included in this powerful and brilliant group was keynote speaker Howard Lyman. (Voice for a Viable Future) The famous former cattle rancher “blew the socks off of everyone in the room” with his down to earth candid, dramatic, and entertaining explanation of how and why he became a vegan and why billions of animal flesh eaters throughout the world need to wake up and become vegetarians or vegans before it is to late. Howard Lyman is a real American Hero. The following video will explain why. http://all-creatures.org/articles/video-hlymanar2007.html

During my drive home from the conference I kept imagining what incredible things might happen if Al Gore made an announcement “to the world” that he recently became a vegetarian or a vegan and recommended that every animal flesh eater in the world do the same.

For the welfare of humans, animals, the earth and the earth’s atmosphere!

This type of “earth shattering” announcement coming from one of the most respected and admired people in the world who is considered to be the foremost authority about the causes and dangers of global warming, would go a very long way in persuading millions of people to seriously consider becoming vegetarians or vegans immediately. Especially the millions of people in the world that have repeatedly sampled vegetarian foods, who are on the fence, and have already considered the many benefits of not eating animal flesh.

I feel certain, and I hope you agree, that most people in the world consciously or subconsciously “really prefer kindness and life for all animals.”

“Now would be the perfect opportunity and the perfect time for millions of people to prove it.”

Vice President Gore, the road to the White House could be paved with millions of votes from citizens who would be willing to do what ever it takes to stop global warming, “even if it means not eating animal flesh.

Finally, Vice President Gore, I hope in your golden years, while cities and rural areas are flooding or burning around the world, due to global warming, you will not look back on your life with a deep feeling of disappointment, frustration, and regret because you did not take advantage of the amazing opportunity you had while “you were briefly in the lime light” and could have truly changed the world.

That “brief time in history” when your efforts to save the lives of billions of animals could have made a magnificent and incredibly beneficial difference to the entire world!!

You may spend many years wishing “you could go back in time” to recapture the special opportunity you once had, and let slip away. That missed opportunity that may have lead to the rescue of billions of animals facing certain death from the terrifying horrific jaws of factory farms and slaughterhouses.

That special time when your revolutionary actions could have been largely responsible for slowing down and ultimately stopping global warming.

Mr. Vice President, now is your short window of opportunity and chance to still shine against all odds. WHY NOT GO FOR IT?

Please consider that if there really is a God in heaven who is the supreme symbol of kindness, life, and love for all creatures with a soul you must believe that God wants animal factory farms and slaughterhouses to close. There can be no other conclusion, no matter what words in the Bible “written by men” may say.

Thank you Vice President Gore.

For the sake of all animals, humans, the earth, and the earth’s atmosphere.


Arthur Poletti
Former Animal Flesh Eater
Western Springs, Illinois

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