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Letter from Mohamad Ali Kazi about Animals Killing Animals - 10 Nov 2007

Hi Dawn,

My name is Ali, I just read your small article about animals killing animals on your website and wished to respond.

Well, animals killing animals has been going on ever since the first sign of life appeared on this earth. Its a basic part of our world and without it, everything will go haywire. Animals killing animals is best left with mother nature; it may hurt the prey, but it keeps the population of every species in check. Imagine what would happen if no animal killed another animal... This earth will be a far smaller place to accommodate all the species with their population increasing continuously. But, today this cycle of nature has been adversely affected by cruel humans, who sometimes, for no reason kill animals. We humans are responsible for destroying the forests, the home of wild life. We are responsible for the extinction of numerous species, some of them just for the sake of producing fashionable clothes, which no one cares about. Some animals are killed to be eaten even though we have tons of other foods to eat... But that doesn't seem to get into the crooked heads of these people.

Sadly, we, who love animals cant do anything much. We cannot completely stop this cruelty, no matter how many animal saving organisations we join. And personally, I also believe praying to god about it is going to do NOTHING!! These cruel people never realise what they do and they end up living a happy life... though we expect them to repent for their mistakes. But that doesnt happen!

So the main point is, what happens in nature is the best thing for our world. It is better to not control it sometimes... all we need to do is control this species called humans. I hope in my best that the people who hurt animals will suffer their consequences.

Have a nice day.


Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Ali:

Thank you very much for your response to Dawn's letter. We will post your's also.

You make some very interesting and true points, particularly about our need to control our own species, which is really what we all working for.

Thanks again!

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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