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Letter from Jenny Moxham to the Editor: Fireworks Cruelty - 4 Dec 2007

Geelong Advertiser,
Fireworks cruelty

How do ear splitting explosions that terrify our fellow creatures equate with a time of peace and goodwill?

Lately I've seen a number of advertisements for Carols by Candlight with fireworks.
Surely New years Eve is a terrifying enough time for animals without incorporating firework shows into Christmas.

The deafening explosions cause blind panic in almost all animals and dogs have been known to scale high fences and smash through glass windows in a bid to flee from the unknown terror. Others have run under cars and been injured or killed. Animals secured inside may still experience trauma. And what about the birds, possums and other animals? Christmas is a time to show consideration, kindness and goodwill to all beings - not just human beings.

Jenny Moxham

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