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Letter to the Editor from Jenny Moxham: Christmas a time for peace and good will - 26 Dec 2007

Geelong Advertiser, (26/12/07)

Christmas a time for peace and good will.

For farmed animals Christmas is the saddest time of the year.
It is a time when their suffering, particularly turkeys and piglets, reaches an all year high and the slaughterhouses are awash with their freshly spilled blood. Christmas is meant to be a time of peace and goodwill. Jesus taught love, compassion and mercy - so what has gone wrong?

Why this frenzy of killing to celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace?

It doesn't make sense, in fact it's totally absurd! We send out cards calling for Peace on Earth yet at the same time we subject innocent and inoffensive beings to five months or more of factory farm hell culminating with a terrifying and agonizing death. Where is our consistency? Where is our mercy? Where is our love?

The killing frenzy for this Christmas is just about over and nothing can undo the pain now, but next year can be different. In fact, next week can be different.

There is so much delicious, non-animal food readily available today that there is no valid reason for anyone, Christian or otherwise, to ever subject our gentle fellow beings to such pain and anguish.

Jenny Moxham
Monbulk Australia

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