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Letter from Arthur Poletti to Minerva Novoa about 143 Million Pound Beef Recall - 29 Feb 2008

Dear Minerva:

Thank you for your message expressing what USDA and possible congressional actions may be needed to locate where the 143 million pounds of recalled beef was actually distributed too.

I do not have to worry about whether or not the beef is in my refrigerator because my family does not eat meat!

In my opinion shared by millions of people throughout the world, the livestock industry must become a thing of the past if humans, animals, and the earth are going to have a future.

The bottom line is very simple. The time has come to begin the process of shutting down meat packing plants, and all animal factory farms and slaughterhouses.

In my opinion governments throughout the world will be forced to remove meat from the food chains because of the consequences of global warming caused by the massive amounts of greenhouse gases created by the worldwide livestock industry and the obvious major health issues associated with eating chemically contaminated dead decaying flesh.

You can be sure this will happen sooner or later.

Pray that this happens sooner.

In my opinion humans are going to just have to grin and bare it when there is no more meat.

Humans will have to grin and bare it when farmed animals are no longer tortured and murdered.

Humans will have to grin and bare it when they live longer and healthier lives.

Humans will have to grin and bare it when they can no longer fill the stomachs of their children with the decaying dead flesh from the bodies of tortured and murdered animals.

Nothing else should be acceptable if our society is ever going to rid itself of the biggest never ending catastrophic disaster in history.

Wake up governments throughout the world before it is too late.

Before you do not have a choice!

Thank you Minerva!

Arthur Poletti
Western Springs, Illinois

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