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Letter to General Robert Milstead Concerning Marines' Disgraceful Behavior - 7 Mar 2008

Dear General Milstead:

I am writing to you about a marine, identified as David Motari, who brutally and sociopatically killed a puppy dog.

In the video that I saw on 6 Mar 2007, Motari dangles a black and white dog by the scruff of the neck, cooing: "Cute little puppy." Another unnamed soldier baby-talks: "Ah, so cute, so cute...little puppy." To the horror of global Internet viewers, Motari then hurls the animal over a cliff into a rocky gulch. The dog, who looks about 12 weeks old, squeals while flying through the air. We hear a thud below, as the puppy impacts the ground.

I want to know what the Marine Corp's position is in this matter, and what criminal charges are being brought against this marine. I am personally very concerned since my grandson is in training to be Marine Officer, and we're concerned about what he is being taught, and how he will be seen in the eyes of the public.

I'm a retired pastor who served in the Air Force, and our son-in-law served in the Marines, and I want to make sure that David Motari isn't the kind of representative Marine that you want the people of our country to support.

I look forward to your prompt reply.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank L Hoffman

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