LettersLetter from Jo about Religion and Eating Meat - 10 Mar 2008
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Letter from Jo about Religion and Eating Meat - 10 Mar 2008

What religion can I go to that does not believe in eating meat? My parents were hunters and ate what they had hunted.

I was against hunting until today when I saw the tapes and abuse of these animals. I wish these people would be treated the same and all get cancer. I am devastated. I have been vegetarian for years and will now not buy or eat anything with animal products. I am losing my faith today, after loving Jesus. They sacrificed animals.

I am not eating out with anyone who eats meat. My friends say thatís why God put the animals here. May they get sick too, as you can see I am outraged and sick.



Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Jo:

Thank you for writing.

None of the major churches believe in not eating flesh, today, but in the past they did. But that shouldn't deter you from being vegan and being a loving and compassionate child of God that does no harm to any living being.

God did not create the animals for us to eat, they were to be our companions.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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