LettersLetter from Linda about God's Role In Allowing Animal Suffering - 20 Mar 2008
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Letter from Linda about God's Role In Allowing Animal Suffering - 20 Mar 2008

Thank you for the recipes and all of the other help I found on your site. I agree that the problem with all this animal cruelty is mental ... a "mind set." That is what happened to me.

My friends and I are especially targeting problems in China, Korea, and the Philippines. The dogs and cats will have no chance at all unless we do something about it. The governments are being stubborn. With the Olympics coming to China in June, it's even worse for the animals. They are cleaning up the streets and having mass killings. This must stop all over the world.

I am beginning to ask myself why God is letting these precious animals suffer and be tortured. They are innocent and can do no harm. God created these creatures and it says in the Bible that He cared and loved animals. I don't understand this.

If you can shed any light on what I just said, please do.

Thank you so much for replying,

Peace and Love,


Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Linda:

The indifference to the suffering of animal is a global problem that exists in every country, only the animals and situations change with location.

And, we also wonder why God has allowed this horrible suffering to go on for such a long time, and we pray about it every day.

The only answer we ever seem to get is that God has given us the mandate to free the whole of creation from its present corruption and suffering, and for the most part our society has ignored this calling. If we look at Matthew 5:9 we see that Jesus calls us to be peacemakers, and for this we will be blessed as children of God. Paul picks up on this thought in Romans 8:18-23, and says that the whole of creation is groaning waiting for these children of God to free it from its present suffering. In Isaiah 11:6-10, he also seems to be saying that the peaceable kingdom will come about when we begin to turn this world into that peaceable kingdom, and then the Lord will come and finish it.

We hope this helps.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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