LettersLetter from Arthur Poletti to Carl Smith about Canada's Baby Seal Slaughter - 29 Mar 2008
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Letter from Arthur Poletti to Carl Smith about Canada's Baby Seal Slaughter - 29 Mar 2008

Councillor Carl D. Smith

Dear Councillor Carl Smith:

I hope you will take the time to read this entire
message and view the two video films that are

I will not be visiting Eastern Canada until sealing
has ended and is permanently OUTLAWED.
In fact, I refuse to buy ANY goods/services from
your region, including those from the Internet.

I'll be spreading the word far and wide, to friends,
family, business associates, religious and civic
groups and anyone else who will listen; imploring
them to boycott Eastern Canada until the
knuckle-dragging brutality of this obscene orgy
of death is history.

Supporting and promoting the torture and completely
unnecessary killing of *baby* seals every year in
Canada could prove to be the biggest mistake you
will ever make.

Whatever immediate financial benefits Canada's
economy may gain from the mass destruction of
seals for their fur will be nothing like the potential
economic loses suffered by all of Canada resulting
from a huge decline in world stature just because of
needlessly destroying millions of precious
*baby* seals.

This is a huge price to pay for not admitting you
are wrong!!

Conversely, your actions designed to permanently
stop the massacre of *baby* seals could be the
wisest and most important decision you will ever

Councillor Smith, how many people that have or will
see films like the ones that follow decide to no longer
travel to Canada and no longer purchase products
made in Canada?

How many people and organizations have already
decided to boycott anything that has to do with

The following videos of what happens to *baby*
seals in Canada are just a few of the many videos
being broadcast by many organizations and are
being viewed continually throughout the world.

Councillor Smith, would you want your children
and all the children in Canada, mature enough to
understand, to view the following films?



Councillor Smith, this is your chance to go
against the status quo and help Canadians set an
example of the benefits of supporting kindness
and life for *baby* seals.

The *good will* you will help promote throughout the
world because of your bold and morally correct
actions will pay huge dividends for Canada!!

This is your chance and opportunity to shine.
I hope you will take advantage of it.

Most Canadians and most people in the world will
be proud of you, and admire you, because you had
the guts to help save the *baby*seals!!

Thank you.

For the sake of all animals.
Arthur Poletti

"The greatness of a nation and it's moral progress
can be measured by the way it treats it's animals"
Mahatma Gandhi

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