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Letter from Nikki about Cruelty to Animals and Our Web Site - 4 Apr 2008

Last night I watched a show on "SPIKE T.V." called "Worlds Most Amazing Videos Animals Gone Wild" Which really angered me to the point that I got up off my couch and went right to my computer to see what actually was going on out there in this world and what I can do on my behave to try and stop such madness of what evil powers these people actually think they have of doing so.

Dumb as they may called these animals "Raging Beast" the reason why these animals where acting out as they did was because they were being tormented, manipulated, and brutally abused. Who in their right minds honestly think this is what we call NORMALLY SANE behavior ??

What sick minded "Raging Beast" having the privilege of walking on this earth and why "IT IS" being allowed to continue on like it has? Because if it wasn't being allowed it surly wouldn't be. We as the people are allowing these type of things to happen simply by not caring. I couldn't believe what I was watching on T.V. And what I have stumbled across on your page...

Elephants are very smart creatures unlike most human beings, seeming to remember the ways they were treated if wrongfully treated and who acted out it. That elephant actually shed tears when their trainer took a stake with a nail on the end of it and beats him shouting commands, as he stood there taking what he rightfully didn't deserve in pain. To pose the trainer runs in shock as if he never committed any kind of abuse in any manner onto the animal and can not explain what acts of violence this animal is acting on.

Unfortunately once again the people have all fingers pointed to the beauty of God's creation and again seen as the "Raging Beast" and will suffer great punishment for finally simply trying to defend himself. Perhaps losing their own lives for these sickening unjustified acts should be seen and not maybe glanced at. Whom are really actually overseeing walking our streets not only among our own children. I'm so embarrassed as a temple of God, being a human and seeing what evil acts of that "us" humans are doing onto many and much many more innocent loving creatures that can not fight back.

I came across your page while looking some things up on the Internet, I sat here and cried and my heart just torn to pieces, acts of this sickness will sadly continues on. I honestly believe it also being a controlling trip they thrive in a sick twisted way, to shame the coward ness power they think they feel and need over a helpless innocent creature to slash, burn, kicked, brutally punch, watch suffer (list goes on) in tremendous amounts of pain. Not only the physical pain caused but also the emotional distraught they actually are fearing.

I have always been a animal lover myself. I actually care and love them more than humans and selfish as that may sound because they unconscionable love in return. I have 3 beautiful cats of my own who have actually helped me along in life. I couldn't have asked for anything more. They ask not of much and for another breath of air to breathe, a bee to chase into the winds, climbing a tree or what ever it may be they want to do was taking for no reason in anything actually at all.

Shame those who have acted out in such pathetic ways to take life from this world that God wanted here as now is not. Ignorance of mankind! I'm sure that God put them here for a reason as in what I have seen. God didn't let this all happen! God will not stop what acts of mankind take but I'm pretty sure he will rightfully punish what is nesses at judgement day. As for all the pain, confused, loss in loyal devoted loved creatures, that will never be forgotten. Let lay in Gods hands. The gifts from God that many didn't respect or appreciate.

God Bless...

A Friend ~Nikki

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Nikki:

We hear from many people who feel the same as you do, and the suffering still goes on. That's why we are working to unify this cry to end the exploitation and abuse of animals, so that public opinion will force an end to the suffering.

We had 4 kitties who lived to be nearly 20 years old, and at times it still feels like they're still here with us.

We look forward to hearing from you again.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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