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Letter to the Editor by Jenny Moxham: Animal Industry: a Global Warmer - 7 May 2008

Ballarat Courier, 7/5

Animal Industry a Global Warmer

Re. 'Earth Matters so think locally and act globally'(29/4)

Yes, we do need to think and act locally to alleviate global warming, but the good news is that it's incredibly simple! All we need to do is refrain from buying animal products. In November 2006 the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization informed us that the livestock industry was responsible for more global warming gases than all the world transport and that it was one of the worlds major contributors to all of Earth's most pressing environmental problems.

This industry also squanders vast amounts of our precious water. Stop buying animal products and you can instantly reduce global warming. An added bonus is that without the artery clogging animal fats you will be far healthier.

Jenny Moxham

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