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Letter to the Editor from Jenny Moxham: Animal lover criticises transportation - 16 Jun 2008

Bendigo Advertiser

Animal lover criticises transportation

TRAVELLING along the highway about 5 pm recently I encountered a multi-tiered truck packed with sheep.

How long, I wondered, had these pitiful animals been on the road? Recently, in WA, a load of sheep were in transit for 72 hours, shunted from farm to sale yard to slaughterhouse.

During that long, arduous journey no food or water was provided.

As the truck pulled away a motorbike sped past.

Securely fastened to the back of the bike was a dog kennel complete with dog, enjoying the view.

I was struck by the contrast of the two scenes.

One animal was clearly loved, the others, clearly unloved.

Why? Why do humans treat some animals with kindness, yet others with cruelty? From time to time Iíve also encountered those trucks stacked high with yellow crates.

The colour may be gay, but nothing else about them is.

Crushed inside are hundreds of bewildered, injured, frightened, bruised and battered baby chickens headed for a grisly and horrifying death.

At the slaughterhouse their brittle and at times broken little legs are snapped into metal clamps on the assembly line and the painful journey begins.

The `luckyí ones will have their throats cut by the automated knife.
The unlucky ones will be scalded and drowned simultaneously in the scalding tank.

Why do we humans treat some animals with compassion, yet others with callous indifference? No human needs to eat animals to be healthy, and no animal deserves to be tortured this way.

When will we recognise the inconsistency in our behaviour and start treating all animals with the kindness and consideration they deserve?


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