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Letter from Jenny Moxham to the Editor: Hellish Journey - 17 Jun 2008

Ranges Trader Mail

Hellish Journey

Live export and associated industries must feel desperately worried, to be paying for full page advertisements in the Mail and other newspapers.

It's unlikely, however, that any thinking person will be convinced by their ludicrous claims.

A vet in the first ad informed us that animals on board are 'really well cared for'. The reality is that animals are subjected to appalling conditions in cramped and crowded pens. Heat is often extreme and the ammonia laden air causes respiratory problems. They are subjected to stress from handling, overcrowding, unfamiliar penmates and surroundings. Many starve from being unable to adapt to adapt to pellets - the only food provided. Approximately 36,000 sheep along with hundreds of cattle die each year during this grueling voyage.

In a similar ad on the website we are told that sick animals on board are taken to a 'hospital pen'. How likely is it that with up to 100,000 sheep on board, in densely packed pens, sick sheep are even going to be seen.

Our vet says he ensures that 'animals arrive fit and healthy at their overseas destination'. Fit and healthy for what?

Fit enough to survive being dragged along the ground by a limb or to survive a journey tied to a roof rack or crushed into a stifling car boot in 40 degree heat. Healthy enough to be fully aware when, trussed alongside their fellow victims, their throats are slit and they slowly choke to death on their own blood. Fit enough to remain conscious while their feet are cut off and their belly slit open. To learn more and help stop this barbaric trade visit


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