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Letter about God's Peace After Companion Animal Loss - 19 Jun 2008

My precious DannyBoy (a shepherd mix) died in February and I have been heartsick to the point of wanting to die. DannyBoy was not only my Poochie, but my best friend and my companion animal since April of '96. I had this precious boy for almost 12 years.

I cannot get over the loss of him and was at my extreme wits end when I asked God: 'if DannyBoy is okay and happy and if he forgives me and if I will be with him again, please let me see a praying mantis, which are rare around these parts anymore.'

It took a few days, but after my having to go to a pharmacy again because I have a disabling, degenerating illness, I came out to our car and on my windshield was a praying mantis. It was a baby, but definitely a praying mantis. We could not get into the car; we just stayed there keeping it company and talking to it. We finally had to go and I was so worried about if we moved the car it would get hurt or blown away. Do you know that the praying mantis stayed on the windshield of the car all the way home and wasn't hurt or anything. We almost had car accidents looking at he/she and making sure it was not hurt on the windshield. God at work!

Wonderful site that you have. I am now so peaceful I can't even explain it. I hope that you get this email, and you can write to me at my email address. The pictures were wonderful also. Hope you get more of them.

God Bless.

(sender's name not included in email)

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Thank you very much for writing and telling us about your marvelous confirmation that DannyBoy is indeed in heaven.

We have been working for years to try and get churches to teach the truth about animals going to heaven, and to comfort those who mourn the passing of a beloved companion animal.

And, we believe that the "miracle" that you received was because the church failed to do its job.

Hold on to this assurance and all the wonderful memories you have of DannyBoy. His spirit will always be with you.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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