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Letter from Jenny Moxham to the Editor: Chook industry is cruel name to fame - 25 Jun 2008


Chook industry is cruel name to fame

Would the title, 'Chook capital of Victoria' be one that Bendigo would really feel proud to own? (We're on the verge of becoming chook capital, 20/6).

Surely there are enterprises less obscene that could equally provide local jobs.

Broiler and battery farms are virtual animal concentration camps, that cruelly condemn millions of birds to lives of intense pain, misery and deprivation for nothing but greed.

The birds confined in these establishments are heartlessly denied every single basic right and pleasure. They are forced to breathe stinking, eye and lung burning, ammonia laden air, live in a dim world without sunshine, and denied everything that is natural in life.

Battery hens are agonizingly debeaked with a red hot blade, resulting in long term chronic pain. They are tightly crushed into wire cages and feather pecked until red and raw by their frustrated cage mates.

Unable even to take one step, their claws grow around the wire flooring. Half of the birds bred by the egg industry -the males - are cruelly killed by gassing or suffocation.

Broilers are equally cruelly treated. Selectively bred to grow rapidly - for maximum profit - their tiny legs and hearts cannot keep pace. Many birds die of heart failure or starve as a result of becoming crippled. and thus unable to access food. All are in chronic pain by the time they reach slaughter weight at six weeks.

Chicken farms represent cruelty on a massive scale. Is this really what Bendigo wants to be renowned for?


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