LettersLetter from Richard DeLorme to Peb Jackson about His Love of Sport Hunting - 12 Jul 2008
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Letter from Richard DeLorme to Peb Jackson about His Love of Sport Hunting - 12 Jul 2008

Mr. Peb Jackson
Saddleback Church
Saddleback Parkway
Lake Forest, CA 92630

Re: Your book Dangerous Faith

Mr. Jackson:

I am writing this letter to you to let you know how appalled I was to have purchased your book and to have found that included in it was your self-serving “adventure” on killing a cape buffalo. If I had known that your book included animal killing as an example of a “dangerous faith”, I would never have bought it, and have now thrown it in the trash, as I do not feel it worthy of passing on to anyone else.

I briefly scanned your account, and came across your statement of “For me, the hunt was never about wanting to vanquish another creature”. Who are you kidding? For you hunters, it is always about the killing of an animal, as evidenced by the photo taken of yourself standing in “vanquish” over your kill.

The world needs to see godly Christian men whose faith sustains them in crises as well as everyday circumstances, not in intentionally seeking out, then killing what God has created and belongs to Him – all for your pleasure and ego-gratification.

Do you really have the gall to believe your [Chapter 1] animal-killing story ranks as an example of faith alongside those of survivors of September 11th????????

Shame on you for being an animal killer and rejoicing in it, and shame on you for being a liar about your true motives.

Richard DeLorme

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