LettersLetter from Sharon Ding About Needing Assurance that Marion will be in Heaven - 11 Aug 2008
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Letter from Sharon Ding About Needing Assurance that Marion will be in Heaven
11 Aug 2008


My Pet Marion just died a week ago. I am still going through the pain. It's good to know that I could see her again someday. I hope this is not a fantasy as many Christians friends of mine thought that it is a sin as I have been so close to my dog, like worshiping an "idol", or that it has became an "abomination" to my Christian faith.

I tried to be like Job...despite all he had gone through, he praised God. I thank God for Marion, but find it hard to let go, as Marion was only 10 months old, and now God has taken Marion away. Only God knows why.

I know someday I will face death. Marion has gone ahead much earlier. I find it comforting, if heaven is also meant for animals. Really? I have read some books about heaven and also read some testimonies from those who has visited heaven. None really talking about animals as Heaven is the dwelling place of those who are saved.

I hope this will give us the assurance of God's love. His love has gone beyond our own imagination that someday he will give life back to all creation that He has created. A new earth or a new Garden of Eden.

Thank you.


Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Sharon:

Thank you for writing and telling us about Marion. We know the deep inner loss you feel, as we've been there many times ourselves.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with loving a companion animal, as one loves their own child, and it is definitely not a sin or idol worship; it is simply the way we are all supposed to express the unconditional love that God gives us.

And, the Bible does speak about heaven being filled with myriads upon myriads of animals. Furthermore, God created all animals and humans as living souls; so if humans go to heaven, which we believe they do, then so do the other animals.

If you'd like, we'd be very happy to publish a memorial story and photos about Marion, if you'd like to write about your life together. This will also help you remember more of your good times together, rather than dwell upon the loss you feel.

We look forward to hearing from you again.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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