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Letter To the Editor by Jenny Moxham: Man's Best Friend and the Beijing Olympics - 14 Aug 2008

Geelong News

In the lead up to the Beijing Olympics, why was there no condemnation by Australia of the horrific cruelty routinely inflicted on 'man's best friend'?

Though the Chinese government ordered a pre-Olympic closure of dog meat restaurants in the host city, in other cities throughout China, it's 'business as usual.'

The hapless canines are commonly caged in front of the restaurants and, at one of these, an observer watched the owner stab an Alsation in the chest with a knife lashed to a stick.

The pitiful dog screamed. For several minutes it stood in shock, pathetically licking the wound as its blood pooled beneath it, yet still wagging its tail. The owner stabbed it again. Its howls of pain and puzzlement were unbearable. The restaurant owner dragged it from the cage, blood dripping, tail still wagging, then pushed it over and stabbed it yet again, twisting in the knife as it howled even more.

The son dragged the dog to the pot and thrust it, still alive, into the boiling water, in full view of the other terrified future victims.

Similar brutality was witnessed at other dog meat restaurants.

With the eyes of the world on China for the Olympic Games, surely this would have been the perfect opportunity to shame the Chinese government into banning this hideously cruel abuse of man's best friend.

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