LettersLetter From Chris Pudelko About Frankfurt Baked Beans - 26 Aug 2008
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Letter From Chris Pudelko About Frankfurt Baked Beans - 26 Aug 2008

Hi Mary and Frank,

First of all I LOVE your recipes website. It's great to see the photos of things people cooked and you can be sure they are tasty. I tried some dishes from your website and I will also continue in the future. Big Congratulations for that work and THANK YOU!

I am vegetarian since 11 years (I am 26 years old), although not vegan, but I also love cooking. Well, to be honest, I have no other choice because I don't like the dishes which I could buy in the shops. It really does not takes more time to cook something by yourself than preparing that "food" from the shop. Especially because I am cooking and eating organic.

Well, I decided to send you a recipe for Frankfurt Baked Beans. I love Boston Baked Beans, but I have no the time for baking it for so many hours and the Baked Beans by Heinz are not as tasty like the ones I used to know. So I decided to make some experiments in my kitchen and now I have a great recipe for Frankfurt Baked Beans, without baking them.

You need:

17 oz (500 g) dried beans 1 big onion [I'm cooking without because I don't like onions] 1 table spoon oil 2 cans of tomatoes (ca. 2 pounds altogether) (or you take 2 lbs of fresh tomatoes) 8-16 fl oz water or water which is left from beans cooking pepper 1-2 table spoons of Summer Savory 1-2 table spoons of basil 2-3 tablespoons of dried vegetable stock 1 good shot of soy sauce 1 good shot of ketchup salt

1) Water the beans over night and cook in fresh water for about 15-20 minutes in a pressure cooker. If you don't have one, you'll need about 1,5-2 hours for this step.

2) Keep about 8-16 fl oz of the water you cooked the beans (you can also take fresh water)

3) Put the tomatoes to a food processor and purée them (if you like it with onions, purée the onion as well)

4) Put the beans into a big pot (if you cooked them in a pressure cooker, you can leave them inside), add the mixed tomatoes and all the other ingredients except the bean (or fresh water). Mix it and now add as much water that the beans are not exactly but nearly covered with it. Season the beans with vegetable stock or soy sauce if it was not enough.

5) Cover the pot up and cook the beans on a really small flame for about 20 minutes. Agitate them from time to time and allow it to become a thick soup.

6) Leave the beans for min. 2-3 hours. They are really tasty if you eat them after a few hours or next day.

So, that was the recipe which I changed for people like me, who have not too much time for cooking. All my friends and family love this dish and I am cooking it every Saturday, which is my Frankfurt Baked Beans Day.

With best wishes from Frankfurt am Main, Chris

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Chris:

Thank you very much for the recipe and photos. We will try it soon.

Have you ever tried making the beans is a slow-cooker? That way you can let it simmer for as long as your want without watching it.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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