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Letter from Lesley About Animal Cruelty and Churches - September 29, 2008

What a terrific site you have! Thank you for supporting our defenseless animals. It is interesting that you appeal to churches and actually it is a great idea to try. I wonder if they respond to this humane and reasonable plea? I'm sure there are sincere individuals within the churches who care also.

This may not at first seem relevant, but our churches are partly responsible for the mistreatment of animals. It is justified in the Old Testament--in fact, the Judaic religious rituals revolved around animal sacrifice!

A little known fact is that the first Christian church was based on the teachings of Appolonius of Tyana, a gentle and kind-hearted Greek man, who's main purpose in life was to reform the churches and rid them of the hideous religious practice of animal sacrifice. His group of Essenes and Nazarenes were a thorn in the side of the Roman Emperors Nero and Domitian, who became infamous for their martyrdom.

It was not until Emperor Constantine came into power in 312 that he decided to steal the popularity of Appolonius, by remaking the Christian church to his specifications, i.e. taking out all references to vegetarianism and the kind treatment of animals, as well as other provisions that were "uncomfortable" for his tastes as well as his formerly pagan priests who would now head his remade Christian church. They changed the name from Appolonius to Jesus and claimed that he was beaten and crucified, none of which is true. The inventors of this perversion of Christianity were guilty of continuing the cruelty against the original Christians, whom they then called Hellenes or simply pagans. Constantine and his priests were as violent and bloody as Nero and Domitian had been. Their violence has come down to us yet today through the church. If you go to the Catholic web-site, it is easy to see what their position is on justification for violence.

If you want to know what the original Christ said about animals, just look up Appolonius of Tyana. He abstained from meat and never wore any apparel made from any living thing. Even his shoes were made from bark. There are several excellent books about him online.

Liz Clark

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Liz:

Thank you very much for your kind and encouraging comments and for all of the information.

Your point about there being sincere individuals within the church who care about animals is the very reason that we have decided to start grass roots ministries all around the world to minister to the churched and unchurched people who care about animals, and from there to work this effort into the churches, or to start new churches. At the present time, we estimate that we minister to about a million people who have left the church because of the hardness of heart they have encountered when it comes to animals, and the people who care about them.

Would you be interested in helping us with this grass roots ministry in your area?

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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