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Letter From Nathan Freed About Letting Molly Go - 29 August 2008

To: All-Creatures

I read your comments with much interest. I am a reformed Jew and a medical oncologist. I deal with death and dying and , thank God, with many success stories. My wife and I recently had the sad task of having our beloved cat " Molasses," more typically named ' Molly " euthanized. She was 15 years old and lived a good life with a very loving family. We lost her, of all things, due to a cancer diagnosis. We couldn't stand by and allow this unconditionally loving friend to suffer. Out of our love for her, we had her euthanized at our home. We can bear that pain better, knowing that we ended her suffering sooner than had we let the disease ravage her.

I consider, God's spark, perhaps a soul force, in all living creatures. I am saddened that there is no acceptable way to mourn our loss through Judiasm and therefore, appreciate your comments, even more so, as you are a Rabbi. She was in our arms, as she went to sleep while we sat on our family room sofa. We chose not to further traumatize her by taking her to our Vet's office. A mobile unit is available in our area with a caring, experienced Vet who comes out to the owner's home.

I am sitting up now at 1:30 am composing this, as I cannot sleep. We miss her dearly. I dug a small grave in our back yard and laid her to rest in her small cushion bed, covered with her favorite towel. My wife and I spoke of our memories of her as part of our family at the grave site and finished with Psalm 23 and one or two others.

I know that this acute pain will lessen with time. We still have her sister with us from the same litter. Both sister's suffered with severe heart disease at age 5, but, a fine animal specialist helped to save them, especially Molly who was the sicker of the two sisters, giving us 10 more good years with them.

Rabbi, I appreciate what you have tried to do. If there are any appropriate prayers that you can offer, please forward them.

Dr. Nathan Freed

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Nathan:

Our thought and prayers are with you and your family in this time of loss. Your love for Molly will remain in your heart and mind for as long as you want it to, and with each passing day the pain will subside, and more and more the void you feel will be filled in with the joy of your remembrances of your good times together. Hold on to those memories.

We have taken the liberty of copying Deborah Jones the Editor of The Ark, in the hope that she will be able to forward it along to Rabbi Middleburgh.

As the Lord told Samuel when he went to anoint a new king after Saul, 'God sees the intent of the heart', and we know He also sees yours. The best prayers are always the ones that just seem to whelm up from within you. Just speak from your heart and soul. The Lord will hear.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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