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Letter From Hugh About The Horrors of Trapping Animals - September 3, 2008

To the Editor of "Outdoor Living"

Congratulations! You've done it again! A full page in "Outdoor
Living" given over to a description of the ways in which animals can
be "trapped" (apparently, according to the article, as much for the
outdoor recreation of the "sport" as for the meager amounts of money involved!) Oh yes, mention was made in passing to
the collateral damage of worthless flying squirrels and other wee
creatures being inadvertently caught in this exciting game.)

I happen to have had a flying squirrel as an over-winter pet as it
was nursed back to health. I learned that "Skeezix" was an
intelligent and friendly companion, eager to make acquaintance with
his human cousins. According to your article, his kind are little
more than natural "garbage" to be tossed aside when they happen to
land in a trap. I know better, far better: he was a dear wee guy who was fond of life and fond of me.)

Anyone who cares to find out knows that today "fur" is a totally
unnecessary commodity; modern materials provide far greater warmth than fur. Trapping inflicts incredible suffering on creatures who feel pain every bit as much as do we. (Ever stepped on the foot of a dog or cat and heard it literally scream. Try crushing that paw in
a trap and leaving the creature to suffer for hours or days!)

On the broader issue, frankly, it has now come to the place where I
hesitate to open the Saturday Chronicle-Journal because it seems that
two weeks out of three I am being told about the excitement,
adventure, pleasure, and thrill that can be found in shooting a
harmless deer or moose or "playing" a terrified and wounded fish!
Quite frankly, I wonder about the sadism there is no other word
but sadism.

Oh, I know, that word causes reaction but if we were to treat a little child or a household pet as "sport", what disgust and horror there would be! Wild animals, birds, and fish suffer no less!

Yours truly,
Hugh R. L. MacDonald

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