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Letter from Jenny Moxham About Priest's Continued Support for Mulesing - September 18, 2008

To the Bombola Times:

Influencing The Young

In the South East of Australia, outspoken anti-People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals priest Father Mick MacAndrew used a visit to his parish by 38 South Korean pilgrims to continue promoting a positive image for Australian wool and lamb.

Father Mick (as he is affectionately known in the Bombala-Delegate parish) prepared pamphlets translated into Korean explaining the pro-mulesing case against "animal welfare extremists" and urging visitors to share what they’d learned on local wool-growing properties with congregations back home in Korea.

Blessing the Tools of Torture

Father Mick is hopeful that all religious groups will support farmers, especially wool growers on a single day of prayer on October 5th.

Father Mick is envisioning a blessing of mulesing tools, as well as a blessing of the shears, the shearers and the farmers.

He intends writing to as many churches as he can and asking them to be involved, not only the Christian family, but the Hindus and Buddhists because PETA attacked them too.

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