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Letter From Kristin about Going Vegan for the Animals - September 18, 2008

Dear Frank and Mary,

I have frequently visited your site for nearly a year. Mostly all I saw in the beginning were photos in your " Animal Exploitation" section. I thought the photos about cattle, pigs and were extremely harsh. Yet, after that I still continued to eat meat.

After I was able to get to view some of the actual video clips of "Meet You Meat" and " Help End the Slaughter of America's Horses" I was greatly shocked and disgusted at the way slaughtering is actually done. Especially since most of these animals seem to still be alive and fully aware and scared, when they are hung upside down and being moved down the line to be chopped up. Around where I live, I know cows get a chance to roam and graze freely, and a chance to live for more then two years. When traveling I always see fields of cattle, and ever since finding your website, I can't stop but wonder how many of them are going to suffer the way others in your clips did.

My grandmother told me that when her and my grandfather had their farm and slaughtered there own pigs, one shot and it was over, no wiggling, no having to slit their throats, no nothing. Which, if people have must eat meat, it should be done that way, that way they are NOT suffering and struggling for life.

I can't believe that the governments allow these animals to be treated this way. If cattle, pigs, sheep or any other animal is sick, lame, injured in anyway they should be immediately looked at by a vet. These slaughterhouses should have a vet on hand to check every animal and make sure it is healthy. Beef cattle should be checked for lameness, cancers, mad caw disease, and anything else. Dairy cows should not be used for milk if they have had any shots of any kind. Instead of having their young ripped away from them at birth, they should be milked once a day and the rest of the time with their calf or calves. And so-on with all other animals.

As for veal and lamb meat, I don't care if its "tender" and tastes good. You're killing a baby! They haven't even had a chance to play with others ... not like in the meat industry, the would get a chance to do so, but I believe that they deserve at least that much. If they are going to be "meat" give them the respect and full life they deserve before hand. Let them roam and graze freely outside where they belong. Not cooped up in a cramped stall, forced to watch others around them being repeatedly abused and/or killed by man. I admit I used to think that slaughtering was done a lot more humane then I had recently found out. But I guess that's why it's called slaughtering.

As for the "Taste of China" and horse slaughtering tapes; I'm greatly greatly disgusted that people find "companion" animals as a source food. People in China and anywhere else who kill cats and dogs for food, should be personally beat or hung. These animals are PETS not food. They should be treated as a family member. After I had seen these pictures in your gallery and then seeing the video clip, I grabbed both my cats, went to bed and cried for hours holding them. I'm an animal lover. I could never imagine doing this to animals. Horses by far are my favorite animal. I always pictured them as beautiful, graceful and running threw huge fields in herds as I had seen my aunts horses do when I was little. Now all I think of when I see a horse is " Is it going to end up in a Mexican slaughterhouse".

The whole world should be aware of what's going on in the meat industry. I do believe the quote " If slaughter houses had glass walls everyone would be vegetarian" is true. I have shown my grandmother some of the clips on your website, and she and I both refuse to touch meat again. I haven't eaten beef in months, the smell of it cooking, or any meat cooking turns my stomach.

If slitting the throat of a human and watching them bleed is murder, why is it OK to do that to an animal?


Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Kristin:

Thank you very much for writing. You and your grandmother's decisions have made our day (:-))

Any form of animal agriculture can never be "humane", because it is driven by money and not compassion. The only way to stop the suffering and exploitation is to make the decision that you did, and to go vegan.

We look forward to hearing from you again.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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If we REALLY want God to bless America and the earth, GO VEGAN!

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