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Letter From Lesley Defending Some Horse-Drawn Carriages - September 30, 2008


I have been reading your site, and I think it is great. I am a huge animal lover. Huge!! Anyway, I've been reading all of your horse drawn carriage stuff, and my husband and I own a small carriage business in a small historical town. I believe there are things to be concerned about when it comes to the horses.

Horses carriages have been around for hundreds of years. You can't ban them. For some people it's their only transportation. I believe people should think about how the horses feel in bad weather. I would NEVER expect myself, my employees, or my HORSES to be in extremely hot, wet, cold, slick, or extreme weather PERIOD. That is animal abuse.

I put my animals first. I worry about them more, then I do myself. My horses enjoy their job. I have one horse that would stress colic if he did not get to go to work and enjoy his surroundings, and his fan club. If you could see the reaction on my horses face when he knows he's going to work, it is the face of excitement. He knows he's spoiled rotten, and will get what he wants.

I just wanted to write and tell you about the way I felt. I am in equine rescue. I've recently rescued a dog from being put down. They were going to put her down because she was, "just to big". Sick huh? I believe 98% of what you guys are doing.

I just wish you'd take it into consideration that accidents happen in any situations. With or without animals being involved. Breaking a glass for example, or a collision with a drunk driver. I know there is a difference, you all are talking about animals. People in the surrounding areas need to be more thoughtful and cautious when it comes to passing or being around the horses. They need to grow up and realize that they are wild animals. But in most of the situations it's not the horses fault. They can't help it if something scares them to death. And not all people work there animals in extreme weather. (me for example) but just seriously think.

The carriages remind you of the past and how it use to be, which is incredible in its self. Why not enjoy a carriage ride with history from 300 yrs. ago. Who wouldn't want to try to go back and visualize about how it use to be?

My point is, we need to get people to respect the horse drawn carriages, and teach the other horse drawn carriage owners how to treat their horses. There should be laws about weather conditions. I make my own, and it upsets a lot of people, but it's okay. I know if I'm happy with my decision, my horses are happy too! And if you own horses, you know when they can and can't work, and you know what's safe, and what's not. That's when the greed comes out.

Well I'm finishing up now. Your site is very interesting, and I'm glad I had the opportunity to view it. I'd really like to hear back from someone, so, if you read this, and your not completely offended, please reply. And thank you so much for your time.

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Lesley:

Thank you for your kind comments about our web site and about your concerns about carriage horses. From what you said, you seem to be an exception to the rule.

The major problem is that the vast majority of carriage horse operations are profit driven and the welfare of the animals comes in a distant second. For may years people have tried to reform the industry, but without success. This is why we have taken this stance to end the exploitation.

Since you are an 'insider', what do you think you can do to reform the industry? We are very interested.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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