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Letter from Michele about Rabbit Slaughter - October 8, 2008

To: USDA, Secretary Mike Johanns

I have just learned that rabbits are viewed as POULTRY by the Department of Agriculture. First, it seems ridiculous. Second, I think rabbit as "poultry" was to avoid including rabbits under the protections of the Humane Slaughter Act (HSA).

Unconscionable is how I see that.

The exclusion of poultry (feathered avians) is sufficiently incomprehensible on its own without adding mammals to it. Is it because these animals are small, compared to steers, that humane methods of slaughter don't have to be followed? Do you and others believe that small animals feel no fear or pain?

The whole existence of animals raised for food is that of abuse, confinement, mistreatment. Must their killing be likewise?

The least you can do is list the rabbit within the HSA's guidelines.

Michele, Van Nuys, California.

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