LettersLetter from Tabitha About Her Priest - 17 October 2008
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Letter from Tabitha About Her Priest - 17 October 2008


My priest, Fr. John, said he read a little about your site.

He said any person can use parts of the Bible to prove anything, even the devil used the Bible when he tried to tempt Jesus three times when Jesus began his public life. He has studied the Bible and read it a lot. He doesn't come to the same conclusions that the people on your site have come to.

He is totally against cruelty to animals and believes that the Bible teaches us that, but he doesn't believe the Bible teaches us that we cannot eat meat. He enjoys eating white and red meat.

What does it say to you? I am so bummed out. What would you tell him? I want to hear what you say about what he said to me?

He will love me and respect me if I become Vegan. Is Hebrew fake? He doesn't see anything in the Bible that relates to your site. It freaked me out because I wanted to believe in your site. That's why I asked if your site is real.

Please tell me... Tabitha

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Tabitha:

You are allowing people to mislead you, instead of following the unction of the Holy Spirit to guide you, which was the reason we met in the first place. As we have said before, if we say anything that is counter to what the Holy Spirit has put in your heart and mind, then reject what we say, too.

You know in your heart that God is the God of love, and that He doesn't want any part of His creation to suffer. You also seem to understand that we who truly believe and want God's heavenly will to be done on earth as it is in heaven will do everything in our power to end as much pain, suffering, and death as we possibly can.

Fr. John, by his own words, has admitted that he is rejecting what we have written, because he does not want to give up the eating of flesh, even if he contributes to the suffering of billions of animals.

The Hebrew isn't fake. The problem is with the translation and application in order to support people's hardness of heart.

Follow the unction of the Holy Spirit and your heart. Do what you know is right.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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