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Letter From Ashley Defending Small Family Farms - October 20, 2008


As I do respect your cause and understand what it is about, I do have one complaint about what you are portraying on your site.

What you are showing as acts of cruelty to animals on farms is very wrong. That I do agree with, but what you are not saying is that those are caused from production farming. In most instances, family- run farms do not treat their animals that way at all. I personally am not a vegetarian but that does not mean I condone the evil acts that production farmers do to innocent animals.

I don't know if you have heard of 4-H or FFA but these clubs are agriculture clubs where children raise the animals to take to fairs to usually be taken to market. The animals live a great life in an environment where they have plenty of room to roam around have clean food and water at all times, clean pens. The animals are well taken care of and get bathed and vet visits. It's a little unfair to say that ALL meat sold in supermarkets comes from abused animals because it doesn't. It is up to the consumer to do the research and find out where their local farmers are and purchase their food. That way you know where your food is really coming from and that it is healthier and safer to eat.

Now keep in mind that I fully respect your cause and what you stand for. I just wanted you to make sure that the whole truth is out there and not make it seem like all farms abuse their animals. It's the production farms and not the people like myself who do love meat. Make sure you're buying locally grown or raised food. It may be slightly more expensive but well worth knowing the animals weren't living in their own feces for their short lives.

And since we do kind of have the same beliefs as far as humane treatment for animals, I have a cause that I am trying to get out not only to the people in my state of California, but to the whole nation because if this law passes it will be, I believe, a big push for the rest of the nation to do the same. It is called Proposition 2 and it's aimed at production farming and really changing how their animals are treated regardless if they are dairy cows or going to be slaughtered for food. You can get more info at their site,

I would really appreciate anything you can do to help get this message across and help the inhumane treatment of farm animals! Even though you and your readers are not from California, any donations will an be accepted. That is my website and donation page.

I really appreciate your time and hope I did not offend you or your beliefs!

Thank you,

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Ashley:

Thank you for writing.

The major problem is that over 95% of all animal products that find their way into markets come from factory or high production farms. In addition, we and others have witnessed a lot of cruelty on family farms.

We are very familiar with FFA and 4H and have also seen the suffering of the young people when their animal, whom they have lovingly cared for, was sold at the fairs. Such an experience hardens their heart, which we believe is a form of child abuse, and it is a horrible betrayal to the animals.

We agree that Prop 2 is a step in the right direction, but we are very concerned that it will not end the suffering and cruelty, but only push it in different directions.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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