LettersLetter From Ashley About 4H and Jesus Promoting Animal Sacrifice - October 21, 2008
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Letter From Ashley About 4H and Jesus Promoting Animal Sacrifice - October 21, 2008

Ok, well I myself was a part of 4-H. It was sad to give up my animal, which eventually I did quit. But it in no way ever hardened my heart. I still save stray animals, and wild animals, just about every animal I see, I want to help.

What you are preaching is a little hypocritical if you are using the word of God to pass your message. If I remember correctly, sacrificial animals were brought to Jesus Christ and were happily taken. God created animals to eat, that's what they were put here for.

I would like to know what cruelty you have seen on family farms. When do family farmers have the time on their hands to abuse animals? I'm not saying that it never happens, but it is a rare occurrence. I think you need to recheck where you are getting your information.

Again I am all about animal rights but you are taking this way to the extreme. 4-H and FFA do not harden a child's heart, it is not child abuse, the kids are not being forced to do it. They don't have to give up their animals. If it was something discussed to begin with between the child and the parent, it is understood that they will lose their animal. It is sad, but it also a whole lot less cruel then what happens in production farming.

You shouldn't preach about God and this issue because He brought the animals here for us to eat. You really think he put them here for looks? Give me a break! Instead of standing in the background and watching from a distance, maybe you should experience something firsthand before knocking it down and calling it animal cruelty and child abuse. I'm still friends with all the people I was in 4-H with. Some of them are veterinarians, vet-techs or work in kennels, etc. It did not harden their hearts!

If it hardened my heart so much, why would I care about Prop 2 which I am campaigning for? Can you answer that? It just sounds like a load of crap coming out of your mouth and you sound like a typical close-minded Bible thumper. Get the facts before putting a whole group of people down, including children. I have yet to see someone who came out of 4-H "damaged" and heartless towards animals. Please show me the proof! If you can't, I would greatly appreciate your "preaching" the truth instead of complete nonsense!

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Thank you for your reply, but we also must differ with you.

Nowhere in the Bible will you find any mention of sacrificial animals being brought to Jesus. In fact, He chased out of the Temple the money changers and people who sold sacrificial animals.

God created animals to be our companions and not for food. In fact, He gave only plant foods to every created being, and said it was very good. Flesh eating only started after the Fall. And there is no flesh eating in heaven, because there is no death.

In order to harm or kill an animal, a person must lose or suppress their empathy for that animal, and this is the beginning of the hardening of the heart. Your sadness came as a result of your God-given empathy.

Think about it.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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